Technical Continued: Opps, forgot the Raytheon and Navy SM-3


Not all work.  “Life is fun, tennis is serious”; or so it would seem for at least 12 years, California and Tucson until McClennan Tennis Center at Seminary hill Fort worth.

It may not be clear that after 2 retirements, GD on the F-16 and Raytheon Missile Systems, there were 3 contract short term and very adventurous technical challenges:  flight test on the C-130J, flight test on the Navy Viking, and flight test on Bell Helicopters.  The bad in the previous blog on Technical Adventures was to leave out the second retirement of Raytheon Missile Systems at Tucson, and on the SM-3 anti-ICBM missile for the Navy and also for the army in Alaska.

Don’t fret about enemy ICBMs, this Navy SM-3 is your exo-atmospheric protection with a KE (Kinetic energy) payload without an explosion.
Tucson Racquet Club which with Tennis Pro Shawn Griffith provided 4 years of good tennis and exercise. Tucson Racquet Club
tucson raquet club
Delta Junction Alaska.
delta junction main
McClennan main
Big Bear Tennis Ranch            big bear tennis ranch and Big bear Resot CA
Big Bear Resort
Big Bear, California

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