TAC: Technical Applications of Computers.

 Photo Above:  Early research and development, data analysis and report writing on Athena Reentry Program, missiles fired at Green River Utah and on better day impacted on White Sands Missile Range.  Yes, it was early in missile payload, structure, and guidance development.  Data was processed and analyzed at Radiation Incorporated, Holloman AFB, New Mexico on a CDC 3600.  Purpose of program was to test payloads in reentry, approximately 80,000 feet.
Let’s work together, download a free PDF of chapter 1, “Data Analysis”, read it and edit where obvious corrections needed, and make any contributions that you see needed on the PDF if you have edit capability or send on text document to sungrist@gmail.com, attention TAC Participation.  This is your chance to become a more active part of the community.  You students will really appreciate the additional research and programming applications as all listed routines work.
View, read, and/or immediate download at sungrist.org/TOC_chp1.pdf

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TAC chapter 1 free download.
View, read, and/or immediate download atsungrist.org/TOC_chp1.pdf

And you are invited to join TAC community of the Technical Corner


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