Some Inspiring Examples from Matlab, Simulink, and Free Open Software: Supplement for Chapter 2

A PERSONAL NOTE ABOUT “ATOMIC AGE PHYSICS”:  Being fortunate to have all liberal arts courses behind while starting at ENMU the study of Physics and Math, time was spent on outside class readings for info and inspiration.  Semat’s book above provided fun. perspective and help to catch up on Modern Physics.  For example textbooks will never tell you how many scientific discoveries were made by accident, it is only that the Physicists had the scientific method to appreciate what they observed.

Class Note:  The complete version 2 of Chapter 2  on Digital Atomic Age Physics is offered to you in a free download at .

Some Inspiring Examples from Matlab, Simulink, and Free Open Software

Additional Examples:

tech corner on google plus

1. Sin, Cosine, and Tangent Visualization.

sine cos and tang 2sine cos and tang 1

2. What does the free open software like FreeMat look like. Upper left you see the command window much like MatLab and help windows and typical plots.”FreeMat is a free environment for rapid engineering and scientific prototyping and data processing. It is similar to commercial systems such as MATLAB from Mathworks, and IDL from Research Systems, but is Open Source. FreeMat is available under the GPL license.” You can also download free the Tutorial in PDF, in Open Office the complete FreeMat manual is available also free online:


3. Scilab Free Open Software and Root Locus.

Root Locus in the Free Open Software of SciLab_001

4. FreeMat fun, the free open Matlab-like software, just cheaper for nothing. You can download it directly online at and install on your computer.

get freemat

5. With example algorithms {routines or scripts) here are typical routines and plots available with the Matlab, Freemat, Octave or Scilab used in TAC and in the technical corner. The website provides a set of free tutorials that can be used in Matlab, Freemat, Octave or Scilab environments. This family of languages have revolutionised the analysis of data for scientists and engineers. In many ways Matlab/Freemat/Scilab/Octave has succeeded Fortran as the most popular programming language in the science and engineering communities.”Just copy the script and paste either in your command window or the edit window of FreeMat and run to see the plot.For more go to TAC and the Technical Corner:

free open tutorials

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